LeLutka – Questionnaire

We are working on updates for our Bento heads. We have a lot of ideas – our own as well as suggestions that have been made in the past few months. So that we have a clearer understanding of the wants and needs of our customers new and old, we would like it if you would take the time to fill in this questionnaire. The questions are about the HUD as well as how the store is laid out and what is used most often by our customers. We have added a section at the bottom so you can add any suggestions, but please keep to suggestions of things you would like to see! It is not for customer service communication – for that please refer to JadenArt Resident’s profile for all contact information. While we love to do everything we can to make the best product possible, sometimes there are limitations to what can be achieved or what a particular approach for an update can be, we will keep all answers to this questionnaire for consideration over the course of the upcoming year.

LeLutka Bento Head-ANDREA (male)

It is an exciting time for the Males that have been supportive of LeLutka over the years, as we are launching today the first of our Male Heads Andrea. We have been looking forward to this for some time now, and we hope you enjoy the outcome as much as we do.

LeLutka Bento-ANDREA

For all the information on the head visit our website

There is a demo in the store and group to try before purchase. Andrea is Slink and Belleza Male bodies compatible. You can try it with other bodies, but it will not work with SL Default.

To give you some quick info, Andrea is also Omega Compatible.

Andrea comes with a very handsome default skin by Tableau Vivant. Hairbases (SL UV Only, Female Lelutka hairbases will not work if made on Lelutka UV) , Facial hair, tattoos, brows, makeup layer and fantastic moods and expressions. You can also personalize the head using the personalize panel. There is a lot to learn so make sure you read the website, or grab all your female LeLutka head wearing friends and invite them over to teach you and have a party 🙂 Especially learn how to use our rerouting options for layering fun.

In the store there will be a full release of the Andrea skin by Tableau Vivant available for purchase. There will also be the release of the Scott skin. The full skin ranges include different brow options, facial features such as freckles and makeup/rp look options. Everything you need to be the Bello of the Ball.

Also a Special Guest Clef de Peau is releasing their Clint skin appliers in the store, so you definitely will be spoiled for purchasable choice.


If you are a creator of LeLutka compatible items or wish to be one, there is a creators kit in the store, or you can deliver one using the send me option in the settings panel of your head HUD once purchased.

Male heads have different layer options, so content creators please update your creators kits. You do not have to change existing content.


GIFT for the Ladies
We haven’t left you out. Click the MISC button in the send me section of the settings tab of your HUD, and find a gift from us of two moods we created. We hope you enjoy them, just attach and they will inject on their own, make sure you are wearing the head and the head hud to do so.



Four New LeLutka Bento Heads!!!

Today is a big day for LeLutka. Not only do we have the 3.0 updates rolling out on all Bento heads, we are releasing the four newest heads in our range. It is something the LeLutka team has been working on diligently for months, and we hope you enjoy the outcome.

LeLutka Bento Heads


Those of you that already own Simone 2.0, Cate or Chloe will be sent an update as soon as the head is worn, or you can request the update by clicking on the redelivery button on the settings tab of your head hud.

The NEW heads will be released later in the day, giving you the chance to try the new features if a current head wearer, or to try the demos we will follow this announcement with. We need some time to get the store ready, and to make room for not only these great new heads but also the additional skin options that will be available for purchase, created by Glam Affair.

The NEW heads are Bianca, Greer, May and Spencer. Each head will have her own unique shape included, which is modify so you can adapt it as needed, or you can use your own shape. We have changed the set up of our head folders, in the new 3.0 versions, to make it easier to wear. We have added a lot of new features, and there are a lot of new and fun ways to use the included moods and expressions.

There is an extensive page of information on our website for the heads

Bento Head INFO

As well as a full list of updates made

Bento Head Update Info

In other news we have updated our Orchidea set of add on animations (adult themed) to now include an injector, so that they can be added to your head hud. If you own the set you can use redelivery and receive the updated version.

If you would like to see pictures of the New heads you can visit our own flickr account here

and to see some pictures taken by our bloggers group you can visit our showcase group, you do not have to be a blogger to admit pictures to this pool, but they must feature a LeLutka head in the image.

If you have any need for assistance, please contact Jadenart or check her profile for information.

For a more casual setting there is also the LeLutka For Me group, of like minded head wearers that are happy to help when they can.

copy paste into chat and join from history.


Powder Pack for LeLutka JULY Edition

Powder Pack for LeLutka July Edition

Powder Pack for LeLutka JULY Edition reservations are NOW OPEN! You can reserve in-world or on the marketplace between the 18th and the end of the month. Your Pack will automatically be delivered to you immediately on JULY 1st early SLT time.

Order in-world:…/The%20Last%20Forever/…/22

Order online:…/12039405

More information: