Lelutka-Hair Release May 6th, 2016

It has been a long time between LeLutka releases, and we wanted to make up for it with 5 NEW hairstyles. These are all Swish activated styles, with the no swish option included. It is all about the B’s this time, and we hope you like them all. Please try the demos provided before purchase, to be assured of the perfect fit for your needs, rigged mesh is not editable for size.

LeLutka Hair

Brooklyn : Just above shoulder length, this style has active mixed in with professional as a whole concept. Run your fingers through it to joosh it up and you are ready. A soft side part and loose waves make it a very easily maintained style, what every girl on the go needs.

Bounty : Long and lavish waves make this style so feminine and earthly. The kink in the bangs just add to the attention deserving style that is bounty. A style that lends itself to boho simplicity, but can amp up a girls night on the town, with just a few changes in wardrobe.

Bobby : I want some more, is something that comes to mind when seeing Bobby. It has that older world elegance, with the spiral curls that just leave you breathless. In any colour, in any setting Bobby is going to help you be all that you can be, and then some.

Blair : A shaggier do, with a side parting that crosses the front of the brow. Waves that skim the shoulders in layers that just make blair a style that can be fun and mean busineess. Wear it dressed up or down it will suit either, with the swish options it becomes very lively indeed.

Bailee : Cascading layered waves that divide and concur. The Bailee style is fierce, with a playful quality that can lead you astray. The front has an uneven layering style that skims the breasts, and is swept around the back for more control.

*Due to the animation of the hair, it may take a moment longer to load in some situations, you also have the option to use the non Swish version when in laggier/high traffic locations, which is preferable.

LeLutka hair Demos and Range packs are available on Marketplace.


Gifting is also available in the Lelutka Mainstore, and all purchases in the main store will be available for redelivery using the in store redelivery terminal.

Thank you
Lelutka Team

Lelutka-Simone Mesh Head Release December 22nd, 2015

While Lelutka and the rest of SL gets Bento ready, are you Simone ready? She has cheekbones that could cut glass, and an attitude that has you quivering in her wake. Make way for Simone to lead you into 2016.
This is our final head release for 2015, and it is a Special Edition head. Simone has been updated with 1.4 scripts & has NEW expressions that will not be available on the previous heads. Simone will be the face we work on going into 2016 to bring the Bento options available in the future to Lelutka.

Simone Mesh Head

Simone Special edition features:

• Expressions *Special Edition*

– Sultry/Bored eye expression (giving the ability to give sexy downcast looks)
– Kiss pucker mouth expression
– Sneer/Snarl mouth expression
– Licking Lips expression

• New gestures to incorporate the new facial expressions.

Kiss :*
Lick :p
Sad 🙁
Smile 🙂 or 😀 depending on which gesture if not both you have active.
Sneer :s
Suprised/Mad :O

Right click and activate the gestures in your inventory, then type the emoji in open chat for your facial expression to change. The face expression will return to a default state, once gesture times out. You can double click or right click open the gesture to change the command which triggers them. You can use words or symbols or assign them an F key on your keyboard using the drop down, save and then close.

The 1.4 Update includes:

• Faster script time on communications between the HUD and head.

• Lower load for the mesh for a faster rezzing time, and decreasing your mesh impact to yourself and others.

• Blend/Mask mode for eyelashes — information on website http://lelutka.com/blog/help-page/lelutka-mesh-head-faq/#lashes

1.4 changes at this time are only available for Simone

Simone is available to purchase in the Undivided section of the Mainstore. We have full demos available to try before purchase, the demo includes all parts of the final product (except the rogue hair bun attachment that you will get with texture change options).

For all information about the LeLutka heads, visit the website — http://lelutka.com/blog/lelutka-head-info/

All appliers made for the LeLutka heads will work with the Simone head.

Glam Affair has also released a new skin (also named Simone) for this release, you will also find it available in the Undivided section of the LeLutka Sim. The Simone skin will work on all heads from the LeLutka range.

We wish you all a very happy holidays, and we still have our gift items in the store for you to get up until and including Christmas day, so enjoy.


Lelutka-Hair Release December 19th, 2015

LeLutka is releasing two new Swish styles. Both styles come with two fit options, A & B as well as Swish and no Swish in each fit. Swish is animated hair, so you will have a more natural looking movement to each style. Demos are available for all styles in the LeLutka hair department, please try before purchase.

Alma&Adriana (Swish)

Alma is a go anywhere, do anything kind of style. This side parted look cannot be tamed. Windblown and effortless, with a charm all its own. Reminiscent of the 80’s, the large crimped like waves, will have you creating looks overflowing with verve.

Adriana is tamer by comparison, but has an abundance of spirit. Long soft waves drawing attention to the curves of the female form, front and back, you will pull attention coming and going. Make all that see you in Adriana, wonder where that will be.

*Due to the animation of the hair, it may take a moment longer to load in some situations, you also have the option to use the non Swish version when in laggier/high traffic locations, which is preferable.

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