Lelutka-Hair Release August 1st, 2015

Today Lelutka is releasing two new hairstyles. Located in the hair department of the LeLutka sim, you will find these and our ever growing collection. Demos for these styles are available free in the store. You can also find colour demos in the store so that you can be sure of which pack you like most before purchase. Older styles have different texture options, so please choose carefully.

Lovely, Long and Luscious is todays hair theme!

LeLutka - Eleanor & Eliana hair

Eliana : Softly layered waves running the length of your body, before ending just shy of your thighs, this hair is high maintenance and worth every moment of it.

Eleanor : This style takes the shorter layers and pins them behind an ear… giving just enough of a neckline to entice. The shorter waves caress your shoulder, and allow a unrestricted view of your overall style.

Our recently released Hair Fair styles are now in the LeLutka Mainstore….

Dakota – A tousled side parted style, with great waves that end at the mid section. The front pieces hug your curves and the back cascades down to the lower back. Just out of bed, or spending days in the sun, this hair is great for all your natural looks.

Dalila – Your Boho look that will take you from summer to autumn with ease. The soft and feminine look is suitable for day or night, the centre part with its pulled back tendrils fastened at the back just grab the attention of passers by, who also notice the loose braids that entwine amongst the strands framing your face.

Deanna – Another tousled look, but with a lot more va va voom. This larger waved layers cut falls over one side of the face, giving you a smoldering level of sex appeal. Take it out and grab all the attention you deserve in this style.

Demi – A bit quirky with its flipped out of the way tendrils, you definitely have a style with a lot of character. Sleeker at the crown and then falling in soft waves to the base of he back, this style looks great for work or play.

LeLutka Hairbase Appliers for Mesh Head Release May 19th, 2015

All hairstyles in this release are created for the LeLutka mesh heads. They are hud controlled hairbase options, with additional hair attachments. They are only available from the Undivided section of the LeLutka mainstore. Demos are available, so that you can be sure of what you are getting prior to purchase. All items are no transfer, so no exchanges or refunds are available. The hair attachments are modify, for tinting purposes, these are rigged mesh items, so you cannot reposition or resize them – unless a resizing option is available and specified on the hud included.

***** You must own a LeLutka mesh head for these styles to work with the hairbase huds included.*****

Packaging for the Undivided hair range differs from the packages in the main hair department.

Attachment Set 1 – Combines all blonde textures into one pack. Platinum, Nordic, Blonde, Fair

Attachment Set 2 – Combines all brunette textures into one pack. Choco, Brown, Honey, Ash

Attachment Set 3 – Combines all redhead and noirette textures into one pack. Red, Ginger, Void

Attachment Set 4 – Combines all colourful textures into one pack. Vivid, Dim, Crayon

Range Set – Contains a mix of textures from each of the sets, creating an assortment of 15 colours

Each Attachment package in this release contains 3 hair attachments, as well texture change huds for the hairbase, and the hair attachment.

.LeLutka.Cassie Hairbase

Cassie Pack Includes –
* A shaven hairbase that is also wearable on its own.
* Long Hair attachment, which is a fishtailed hawke style cascading down the back, with a pompadour like front.
* Medium hair attachment, a pulled back and twisted style that gives an air of elegance to the overall look. Comes with resize option in hud.
* Short hair attachment, is a messy fronted style that varies in length at the crown of the head, and falls forward as thick bangs. Comes with resize option in hud.

.LeLutka.Ciara cornrows

Ciara Pack Includes –
* Cornrow hairbase
* Cornrows Bun attachment, a pulled back cornrows style that braids together into a beautifully intricate bun at the nape of the neck.
* Cornrows Long attachment, long braids down the length of the back, ending just at the waist and tied off with beads.
* Cornrows Short attachment, a short tight cornrows style, with beaded ends that finish as the hairline does. These can be worn on their own, or with some half hair styles such as Jada from the LeLutka mainstore hair range. Mix and match and find your own looks.

***** You must own a LeLutka mesh head for these styles to work with the hairbase huds included.*****

LeLutka Mesh Head Release April 30th, 2015

Today we have added a further 3 heads to our growing mesh head collection. They are available now in the Undivided section of the LeLutka mainstore. They all have their own base skin in the default brown brows. You can also purchase additional skin packages for them, with extra brow options by Glam Affair in their Undivided location.

The skins are interchangeable, you can wear either the matching named skins, or any of the other skins in the store, as they will all work with the heads. You can also purchase 3rd party skin appliers that are available at the stores listed on our website http://lelutka.com/blog/lelutka-skin-appliers-designer-list/ .

Stella : The curled lips, the petite nose, and that heartshaped face, give her a youthful and fresh faced quality. She knows what is what, and how to make things happen…will you join her for the ride?

Lotte : A fuller mouth, stronger jawline and a stunning profile. Lotte has that and more. She is your girl next door, if your next door is somewhere worthy of her.

Karin : A wider mouth, that accentuates her strong features. She has a lot to say, and you need to listen. Karin is forthright and has a take charge attitude.

These NEW girls have the same HUD features as the previous releases, you can find that information on our website http://lelutka.com/blog/lelutka-head-info/ , or in the notecard included with the DEMO and final purchase version.

You may need to adjust your eye spacing and eye depth sliders depending on your shape, to fit the heads as intended. You can also adjust their look, by using the head length and head stretch sliders. These are the only sliders that will have an impact on the look of the heads shape.

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