LeLutka – New Release November 19th, 2010 (Femme Skins)

Today, LeLutka releases its new skin line named aéré. This line has a totally new body, skin tones and tons of options for 2.0 compatible viewers. The first face to be released in this new line is Mila; she comes in 6 skin tones, 7 make ups and 1 base. The new skins are also a lot more affordable than our previous skin lines as they have fewer options included in the single packs and fat packs.

Today’s release:
*Femme Skins
Included in the Mila pack
- Skin without hair base
- Skin with dark hair base
- Breast volumizer
Sold separately for the aéré skin line
- 2.0 Compatible hair bases in Blonde, Red and Dark
- 2.0 Brows in Blonde, Red and Dark
- Mouth attachment for slightly open mouth effect
- Singles: 900L$
- Fat Packs: 3000L$
- Hair base singles: 250L$
- Hair base all tones: 500L$
- Mouth attachment: 200L$
- Extra brows: 150L$

LeLutka™ Team


LeLutka – New Release October 29th, 2010 (Apparel)

Fall has always been my favorite season, not only does it allow me to use as many layers as I can possibly wear, but it also gives me a good excuse to shop for the newest, and hottest trends. This year, my wardrobe staple would have to be Cardigans, although they made its first appearance over 150 years ago, they never get old, or boring. Can you possibly imagine the iconic Mr. Rogers without his? I cannot. So if you are looking for “the” perfect cardigan this season, I believe the Otono will meet your needs – not only does it come in a variety of warm tones, but it is cozy, beautiful, and it will fit any look this season.

Today’s release:
[LeLutka]-OTONO cardigan
[LeLutka]-IRMA shirt
[LeLutka]-MEANITY bag


LeLutka™ Team

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