LeLutka – New Release October 13th, 2010 (HOMME)

Caleb has been making his presence known for a few months now, however… the wait is finally over, and he is here to make the ladies drool, and you boys look hot.

[LeLutka]-CALEB skin pack content list:
.CALEB skin in bald and hair options
.1 body hair option on clothing and tattoo layers
.[LeLutka]-HOMME INTIMATES box /male intimate parts with HUD/ BOXED
.1 Brow option/blonde skin offers dark brow on a tattoo layer for bleached hair effect
.[LeLutka]-CALEB lashes
.[LeLutka]-CALEB shape
.2 Hair attachments

6 Skin tones/5 Faces for Brunette Caleb:

4 Skin tones/4 Faces for Blonde Caleb:

LeLutka™ Team

LeLutka – New Release October 8th, 2010 (Apparel)

While high temperatures may still be hovering in some parts of the world, we have plenty in this release for those of you who have missed layering, and a bit of excess. Today, we bring you some of the hottest trends this season. Whether you are looking for a cozy cardigan to keep you warm in the afternoon, or a faux-fur piece to make a big statement, we have it all in this here release.

Today’s release:
[LeLutka]-REA poncho
[LeLutka]-LUMBERJACK jacket
[LeLutka]-PISMANIYE cardigan
[LeLutka]-IBERO cardigan
[LeLutka]-NAOMI skirt
[LeLutka]-CARGO pants
[LeLutka]-SIMP leggings
[LeLutka]-GRAFITO bag

All items in today’s release come in a variety of warm colors, just perfect for the new season. We hope you enjoy today’s release.


LeLutka™ Team

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