Haiti in crisis.

One of the most devastating earthquakes in recent history has struck the country Haiti. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.0, matching the power of several nuclear bombs. What made it worse was the epicenter of the quake was near Haiti’s most populated area, Port au Prince, the Capital of Haiti. The strong aftershocks that occurred afterwards added to the destruction. Over 100,000 people are feared to be dead with many more hurt or injured.

Numerous relief organizations from around the world are in Haiti right now pooling together their resources to help the Haitian people. Please take a little bit of your time to donate to the Haiti disaster. Even a couple of dollars go a long way towards providing food and drinkable water.

To help those affected by this natural disaster, we have set up a vendor with a limited edition skin, selling for just 550L$. If interested in helping, stop by the store and purchase this limited item, it would be greatly appreciated, 100% of the sales for this item will go towards the fundraiser.



Aradia Dielli
LeLutka™ Team

LeLutka™ – January 16th 2010 Release.

Today LeLutka releases yet another female skin, Ife is the newest addition to the Eclat collection, she is exotic, beautiful and comes with many options.

- 4 skin tones
- 32 make-ups total
- New Hair attachment
- Hairbase
- Light/Dark Brows

Stop by and try the demos, we hope you enjoy the new skin.


Aradia Dielli
LeLutka™ Team

LeLutka™ – January 15th 2010 Release.

Gentlemen (and Ladies), the [LeLutka]-ERON skin is finally out.

Please follow the land mark to try out some of the demos and see the new and improved LeLutka male skin collection. Eron comes in 5 skin tones, 6 faces.

Skin pack contains:
.ERON skin in bald and hair options
.2 body hair option sets in saperate clothing layers
.[LeLutka]-HOMME INTIMATES box /male intimate parts with HUD/
.3 brow options
.[LeLutka]-ERON  lashes
.[LeLutka]-ERON multiple prim lashes adjusted to ERON shape
.[LeLutka]-ERON shapeDEMO
.[LeLutka]-ERON hair in AlmostGoth/Burnt/Bournville color

A [LeLutka]-ERON shape is also out for sale and sold separately.


Aradia Dielli
LeLutka™ Team

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