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LeLutka – New Release October 1st, 2010 (Apparel)

We are starting a new season here at LeLutka; out with the items that keep us cool during the summer, and in with the new items for those cooler days. Get ready for some amazing new shoes, and apparel as we enter Fall 2010 with some amazing new styles!

Today’s release:
[LeLutka]-FALLEN pants in plaid and solid colors, fully sculpted.
[LeLutka]-MACKIN IT coat in solid colors.
[LeLutka]-Illeid Boots in solid and two-toned colors, with scripted texture changing sock.
[LeLutka]-CADMIO bag

All items in today’s release come in a variety of warm muted colors, just perfect for the new season. We hope you enjoy this release.

LeLutka™ Team

LeLutka opens its doors! New releases

Change is in the air, and is best felt at the LeLutka sim. Due to resident feedback on our blog survey, LeLutka is reopening its doors after a detailed renovation on the sim and vendor system in preparation of a new release.

These changes were made in hope to ensure better visitor navigation and reduction in lag. Teleport boards were added throughout the sim as well as signs at each store noting what is in that particular building, making it easier to see from a distance. Much work was done in an effort to reduce sim lag and make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Texture load was reworked, and objects were removed from their individual vendors to reduce load on the sim; as well as the sim’s agent limit being reduced to a lower number.

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LeLutka – Closing for Renovations

LeLutka closes its doors tonight (September 21st) for renovations, and will re-open this Saturday (September 25th.) We hope you will enjoy all of the changes being made to assure your shopping experience is a more pleasurable one.

Stay tuned, and we hope to see you this Saturday!!

Aradia Dielli
LeLutka™ Team

LeLutka Market Research Survey

LeLutka is conducting a survey to measure the quality of your shopping and general experience at our store. The results will help us in making your experience a more pleasurable one, please take a few moments to answer the questions posted on this website – thank you in advance for your support and participation.

Aradia Dielli
LeLutka™ Team

LeLutka – End of Summer Skin Sale 2010!

End of Summer Skin Sale!

From August 20th until August 26th, we will be offering 50% off all of our existing female and male skins! Take advantage of this end of season sale, and finally get the skin you have been wanting!

As a reminder, from August 27th until September 1st, our sims will be closed for renovations and to prepare for our new skin line release.

See you there!

Aradia Dielli
LeLutka™ Team