Bento Head INFO


To wear Lelutka heads, you must have either a Maitreya or Slink body, as they are not compatible with system default avatars. You can try our heads with other mesh bodies, we provide full demos in the store so that you can see if they will work together.

This product is Omega compatible, you are able to use Omega appliers with it, but you will need to purchase an Omega installer for the Lelutka products. You can find that here. Omega appliers are created for many products, as layers vary between brands, please try demos.

In order to see this head, you must be using either the Second Life Bento viewer, Firestorm Bento viewer, or any other Bento-compatible viewer.

Bento heads allow for more customization via the shape sliders accessible in world using appearance edit options. To be able to utilize these appearance modifiers, you must have a modifiable shape.


Included in the package :

.LeLutka. Head&Body(no eyes) ALPHA
.LeLutka.Head (no eyes) ALPHA
.LeLutka.Head (with eyes) ALPHA
.LeLutka Head&Body(with eyes) ALPHA
.LeLutka.Head. (latest version)
.LeLutka.Head HUD (latest version)
.LeLutka.Braces (Default texture only) must own Human Teeth add on pack to use features
.LeLutka.Gems (Default texture only) must own Human Teeth add on pack to use features
.LeLutka Facelight-wear me
7 Gestures (modifiable)
4 Gestures expressions based (modifiable)

You do not have to use the included shape to wear your head, you can wear your own, but you may want to edit your head sliders from scratch using the Simone shape values.

Backup System

This is a complete back up system for your head and HUD. Animations and Save Slots are a lot of work to input, and SL can do strange things. When updates occur, you will want to make everything as painless as possible. Once you have all your animations injected ( this will only apply when animation packs are for sale in store ) and you have saved various appliers to the save slots, it is a good idea to back them up.

  1. Rez the Backup System box on the ground. You can name the back up system including a date, to help you recall older back ups if needed.
  2. Click on the box.
  3. Follow the prompts in the dropdown (top right of screen)

How to wear this head:

  1. Wear system alpha layer (if your body includes one that also hides head you can wear that)
  2. Attach Head (right click add or wear) The head attaches to chin, if you are already using that attachment point choose Add.
  3. Attach teeth (attaches to tongue point)
  4. Attach HUD
  5. Attach eyes (optional)

HUD Information

Essentials Tab

  • Lacrimal Caruncle – Three shades to choose among for light to dark skins. Hide/show toggle option.
  • Scalp – hide/show toggle option for the scalp and hairbase as needed for tighter fitting hair.
  • Ears – hide/show toggle option for the ears, allowing you to wear mesh ears from other creators, or to hide if poking through hair.
    TIP: If you find the ear hole is too big, you can scale the ears using your shape sliders to shrink it.
  • Pose Button – To make your avatar stand still while making changes to your look. Pose will stay active until toggled off, even if you teleport or log off.
  • Tint Tab (minimize/maximize via paint drop icon) – All layers are tintable. Any tint colours can be saved to the swatches along the bottom of the tinting panel by clicking and holding left mouse on any swatch. The save can be recalled by clicking on it. This is only for saving a tint colour, not for saving appliers.
    To manually input RGB or HSL color values, click in the center of the RGB/HSL readout. A text box will appear where you can type in your numerical values.
    Clear tints button removes tint from all layers
    Clear swatches button wipes all swatches with already saved tints (doing this will lose you the data, so be sure it is what you want before clicking)
  • Default Skins (by Glam Affair) – Ten skin tones to choose from. The tones from left to right are – Petal – Artic – Europa – Asia – America – Jamaica – Exotic – India – Tropic- Africa. Corresponding appliers for body-parts can be found at Glam Affair Mainstore.
    Shimmer functions apply our default specular map to the whole face, you can use the slider on the HUD to decrease or increase this option.

You will only see shimmer effects on layers if you have on Advanced Lighting (preferences >graphics tab > advanced lighting model – you do not have to have shadows active to use this function). You can remove and restore these maps whenever needed, as other 3rd party applier creators may include their own enhancements. To ensure that you get the most out of your advanced lighting features when indoors or using a windlight setting with less sun than needed to reveal the shimmer or gloss effects, we have included a facelight.

  • Eyeshadow – Four eyeshadow/liners included. Toggle on/off switch. Blend and Shimmer options, to enhance or lessen the intensity. Blend and Shimmer can work with any make up appliers, not only for those included. Remove and Restore functions will overwrite any materials options that may be added by 3rd party creators. Clear button (far left) applies a transparent texture, so that you can leave the layer active and see which layers are still affected by appliers.
  • Lipstick – Four lipsticks included. Toggle on/off switch. Blend and Shimmer options, shimmer will give a glossier effect, while reducing it will give a matte look. Blend and Shimmer can work with any make up appliers —not just for those included. Remove and Restore functions will overwrite other materials that may be added by 3rd party creators. Clear button (far left) applies a transparent texture, so that you can leave the layer active and see which layers are still affected by appliers.
  • Brows – Toggle on/off switch. Blend slider. You must use a skin with no brow options to use this feature correctly for brows. You can also use this layer for moles, freckles, decorative embellishments if not in use for eyebrows. Clear button (far left) applies a transparent texture, so that you can leave the layer active and see which layers are still affected by appliers.
  • Lashes – Four lash styles, short and long options with toggle on and off switch. Bento heads are fully animated, so using lashes attachments from a 3rd party creator may not give you the desired effect, as they will not move accordingly. You can use lash appliers from other creators if made for LeLutka heads using the Lashes UV. The eyelashes will not alpha glitch with eyeshadow layers. Clear button (far left) applies a transparent texture, so that you can leave the layer active and see which layers are still affected by appliers.
  • Tattoo Layer – Toggle on/off switch. The tattoo layer includes whole face, head and neck. The tattoo layer does not cover ears. The image on the HUD shows the areas accessible in a golden hue. Four tattoo layer options included,  two freckles, blush and decorative. Clear button (far left) applies a transparent texture, so that you can leave the layer active and see which layers are still affected by appliers.
  • Hairbases – Toggle on/off switch. Includes eight hairbases in LeLutka hair texture colors. The hairbases used are available to purchase in the full range from the Undivided section of the LeLutka store. They are the LeLutka.HBSE-NV-0001 hairbase appliers for LeLutka heads only. Clear button (far left) applies a transparent texture, so that you can leave the layer active and see which layers are still affected by appliers.

The hairbase layer is a custom UV not the Second Life UV so it may be used creatively by 3rd party applier designers. If a hairbase you have applied is not visible when section is toggled on with HUD, check other layers such as tattoo before contacting the creator, as the hairbase may have been created with the Second Life UV only and will need to make use of the tattoo layer instead.

  • Save all layer slots panel – This section of the HUD allows you to save your favorite make up appliers. You can save four options each layer. You can save LeLutka appliers or Omega appliers to the save slots as needed.
    Once you apply to the layer click and hold your left mouse button down on the slot, a colour picker will appear allowing you to select a colour that you feel represents the colour of what you saved.
    When you wish to reapply the saved application click the swatch. If you wish to save another applier over an already saved swatch click and hold until a drop down prompts you for more action. You can delete a saved setting by clicking and holding down the swatch and selecting clear, you can also remove all swatches saved from a layer with the clear preset button under each set. For more save options you can purchase the personal library pack in the LeLutka mainstore.

Animate Tab


  • Mood Selection – Use the Mood Selection drop-down menu to select the resting pose for your face. If you set the toggle switch to the on position, additional minor facial animations that go with your selected mood will animate your face, mood packs will be available for purchase in the store as released. Moods are played at random intervals.
  • Expressions – A series of preloaded animations come with the head purchase, additional expression packs will be for sale in the future. Use filters above expressions browser to select animation types by category, positive, negative or other. The expressions are either looped (will play until stopped) or unlooped (will play animation once and stop). You can combine expressions to create your own look.
  • Talk – On/Off switch animates your mouth when typing in open chat, for a more realistic look when spending time with others, or making machinima/vblogs. Gesture also included, so that typing is unnecessary.
  • Parted Lips – On/Off switch to toggle. Looped animation for a naturally parted lips look.
  • Blink – On/Off switch to toggle. You may want to stop blinking for various reasons.
  • Eyelids – Dropdown menu to choose from selection of eyelid animations. Neutral (default), wide, relaxed, sleepy, suspicious, closed. You can combine expressions with eyelids options, selecting the eyelid choice second.
  • Control Eyes – On/Off switch to toggle. You can use system default eyes, or mesh eyes with the LeLutka heads. The eyes control system allows you to lock your gaze in a specific direction using the focusing tools.
    Link – Controls both eyes together.
    Mirror – When you are facing toward your camera, toggle mirror mode on. When you are facing away from the camera, toggle mirror off. Doing this lets the script do the thinking for you about whether (for example) you want to look to your left or your avatar’s left.

Eyes Tab

  • Right – Both – Left – Select to control which eyes will change texture.
  • Eye Colors – 6 default eye textures created by LeLutka for the LeLutka Bento head eyes only.
  • Bumpiness – Normals Maps applied giving the iris a more natural look.
  • Shininess – Specular maps including blank (#) to allow for a more expansive influence on your eyes. Sliders that control levels of shininess with gloss, environment and intensity options.

Eyes are a separate attachment included with the heads. You do not have to use them, but they are there for a nicer fit and optional functionality, with 3rd party creators also able to make for them, as well as being Omega compatible.


Personalize Tab


This section of the HUD is for using your own full perms textures to customize your look. Holding down ctrl you can drag the texture/s (up to 9 textures at a time) from your inventory to the section of the HUD that says DROP YOUR ITEMS HERE do not drag to the red box, we know you want to, but drag higher to the place allocated.
Once the texture is loaded, you can then click the larger square (red rim) and select one of the layer swatches below. If you use 9 at once, all 9 swatches will fill, if you add one at a time, you can click and hold a smaller swatch on the right, which will copy from the larger swatch to that location.

Reset button (circular arrow on her cheek) will reset all swatches to default clear.

Toggle buttons allow the layers to be turned on/off in this panel, without having to go back to Essentials tab.


Options Tab


This is where you will find options to mend things, receive things, and explore the inner workings of this product.

Accept Updates Automatically – Toggle on/off once you have decided which is preferable. On is default, meaning any updates that occur will be sent to you directly, some people prefer to update at their own leisure, if you are not wearing the current version of an item, it will assume you need an update, once you have your update and if you choose to not wear it, turn off the feature to not be continuously sent more.

Redeliver – If you need a fresh copy of your head at anytime, you can use this button to request that the item be resent to you.

Triggers – In the event that other designers create products that will utilize the animations in the head, this will allow those items to activate them. This also includes things such as gestures, which are included with the head. This is turned on by default.

Rerouting – Enables redirecting appliers to appropriate layer of your choosing. If you wanted to layer eyeshadow deep over eyeshadow smokey of a different style, you could apply the smokey to eyeshadow and the deep to tattoo…so many possibilities. You cannot apply make up to a layer that only covers a particular part of the head, such as you cannot put lipstick on the eyeshadow and see it, as there is no lip covering on the eyeshadow section, but you can put on the tattoo layer which covers the whole face.

Rerouting can be turned off for when only wearing an applier to the base layer it needs, and will need to be turned off when using the personal library all options, so that it can apply without direction.

Repair Transparency – Returns all layer transparencies to alpha blend mode. In the event an applier reverts a layer to mask for a specific reason, you can restore with this function.

Repair Materials – This will return all the specular and normal maps to the default settings, such as skin shimmers, lisptick and eyeshadow shimmer and so on. If another item has its own special materials, you can always return to original settings via this button.

Restore Factory Settings – Deletes all saved content, and returns all settings, layers to default. Be very sure this is a need before proceeding. The head and all LeLutka products are copy, in the event you need a clean version, you can also just unpack a new one.

Kill Script – MAKE A COPY OF YOUR HEAD FIRST! some sims have script limits, or you may just want to be running nothing. This will kill scripts but leave the applied layers visible, so you will still look fabulous. To make a copy of your head, have it set the way you wish, then right click the head in your inventory choose copy and then paste into the same folder, or a new folder to keep separated. Try the copy on first before killing scripts, to be double sure that you do have two copies of the look you wish to keep, one for deleting scripts and one for keeping active.

Sound Volume – At LeLutka we like things that go clicky clicky, so we added sounds, you may not like things going clicky clicky, so you can turn them off or decrease the volume.

High on screen – If the location of the minimised HUD is not to your liking at the bottom of the screen, you can click on this option and it will instead relocate to the top, no need to go into edit and move anything around.

User Manual – directs you to the assigned manual for this product.

Links – These go to various locations on the internet. LeLutka website/blog, Flickr, Second Life Marketplace, Omega Systems.