Bento Head FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about LeLutka’s Bento Heads

If you have a question, see if we have answered it here! If not, please feel free to ask Mavi Beck and it may get posted here later!

Why is my head not visible to me, or friends?

Make sure you and your friends have updated the SL client to one which supports the new Bento features, such as the Second Life Viewer or the Firestorm Viewer. The Bento project is no longer in Beta.

Can I get the rebate if I bought a different head than Simone? 

As of March 19th 2017 Rebate no longer available.

The rebate is only available to those that have previous versions of Simone. The other heads were not released as ‘Bento ready’ as we believed at the time Simone was. Even though we did a lot of work to get Simone to that point, we made the decision to offer the rebate, so that previous owners could upgrade at a smaller cost. 

Will other heads be upgraded to Bento?

The other heads were not created with Bento in mind, so they will not be made again to be Bento compliant. We will however be creating many other Bento heads, and we hope you enjoy the range going forward.

Why can’t I see the makeup I just applied?

The makeup layers can be toggled on or off using the main HUD by clicking the toggle switch or the layer name. Some makeup appliers are set up to automatically show the makeup layers they apply to, but not all! Make sure you have the layer associated with your makeup toggled on with the blend bar set to the maximum.

If your makeup applier is an Omega applier, you must purchase and use the LeLutka Omega installer first the one time, so that your head knows to accept messages from Omega appliers. You can find that installer on Marketplace here or you can use the button on the Utilities page of your head hud.

I applied a hairbase applier and I don’t see it when I turn on hairbase on the head hud?

The LeLutka hairbase layer is our own customised uv. If the creator of your hairbase has used the SL uv and not our own custom layer, the hairbase will be applied to the tattoo layer, turn on tattoo layer and turn off the hairbase layer.

Can you add more layers to the head? I want to wear many different options of makeup at once.

Each piece of mesh only allows for eight individual faces (a face is what a texture can be applied to). To have more than eight faces you have to make more mesh pieces. There are good reasons to avoid doing this beyond it being a strain on everyone’s system to load and render. We decided that while we would like very much to give you as many options as you want, this is the best possible configuration at this time.

If you would like to have unlimited layers, be sure to encourage the Lindens to update the original clothing layers system for mesh here.

I keep getting a texture warning when I wear your hud, what does it mean?

Firestorm’s Bento viewer added a tool to help you be more aware of how much memory your HUDs are using. This threshold is set to 32 million bytes. The LeLutka  HUD, with its extensive feature set uses approximately 40% of this budget. If you are wearing several other highly complex HUDs, you may encounter this warning from the Firestorm viewer. The warning may or may not be something you need to worry about. If you have a powerful gaming computer, chances are you will not have any problems no matter how much you attach to your HUD. If you are using a computer that struggles with rendering SL, though, and you see this warning, you may want to consider detaching some of your HUDs to help your poor graphics processor out so it doesn’t have to work as hard to draw each frame.

My HUD sometimes stops working, and I cannot detach it. Why is this happening?

This is not a LeLutka specific issue, it is a bug that affects some residents when teleporting/sim crossing. The huds are no longer actually there, but you will still see them on your screen, and they will still show up in your inventory as worn. The only way to remove them, is to relog. If you do not wish to relog at that time – which is understandable – you can right click the hud in your inventory, copy it, and a right click and paste into the same folder.
Wearing the copy will allow you to do what you need to do, and when you log in next, the copy will be worn and the original will have removed itself – If your original is connected/linked to items in outfits, just put the original back on when you log in. If you want to read more on this issue, or add your own situation to the Jira please go to either Bug 6925 or Bug 7761.

Why doesn’t my face look as good at high altitudes?

SL sims use “floating point numbers” for their coordinates. The problem with floating point numbers is that the larger they get, the less precise they get. When you are at very high altitudes, this means that one of your coordinates is going to be a number the the 1000’s, rather than in the 10’s, meaning that the position of every vertex on your avatar is going to have some sloppy rounding on its vertical axis. To see this at its worst, go to 4000 meters and look very closely at yourself. You will notice that every point in your face (and body) is jumping from position to position because the distinct points in vertical space at that altitude are over 1mm apart due to floating point precision. The left and right and forward and back position is still just as precise as it was at ground level, but the vertical position is a mess.

There is nothing that can be done to mitigate this for any product other than hang out at lower altitudes. Enjoy the ocean views, people.

Can I have my head play random expressions all the time?

The LeLutka head consists of two types of animations. First you have the ‘Mood’ sets that are randomly played to give your face a more realistic, and subtle set of changes while going about your day. Then you have the ‘Expressions’ which are controlled by you selecting them individually from the hud to give your face a more dynamic reaction to things going on in that moment.
You can use more than one expression, and you can also set up gestures to play them in a sequence of your choosing. There is also the API information that can allow other content creators to develop wearable or rezzable items that will identify with the animations selected, such as sitting on a bed of nails could tie in with our yell expression, or depending on your pain threshold the lipbite. You can find that information at the link Bento Head Animation API.

What priorities are LeLutka’s head animations?

The head animations priorities are as follows:

Priority 0
Mood base animation

Priority 1
Mood active animations
Par lips animation
Talk (Eyelids/Eyebrows portion)

Priority 2

Priority 3
Talk (Lip portion)

Why doesn’t the Outer Eye Corner slider affect the outer eye corner?

Choices made by the Bento team during the Bento project means designers need to make choices about how to rig their Bento products

The Outer Eye corner slider was set up by the Bento team and Linden Labs to move the outer eyebrow bown, since there is not actually an outer eye corner bone in the rig. This means that in order to allow that slider to move the outer eye corner, there would need to be some strange weighting regarding the eyebrows to the eyebrow bones. Either the outer eye corner would have to move with the outer eyebrow bone, or the outer eyebrow would have to give up its claim to the outer eyebrow bone. This would make eyebrow animations look pretty bad, and would also make the eyebrow shape sliders lose functionality.

The bottom line is since there isn’t an outer eye corner bone to handle this slider, LeLutka has opted to ignore the outer eye corner slider, since in our opinion it is not properly supported by the Bento skeleton.

What happens if I accidentally wear several heads or HUDs at once?

Wearing multiple copies of a LeLutka head or HUD creates undesirable outcomes like a permissions error from one of the heads, or one or both HUDs failing to function properly.

Unfortunately winding up with multiple worn copies of an item is a common problem in SL with several possible causes, which usually occur while switching to a head update. If you “add” instead of “wear” your new head or HUD, obviously you will wind up with both attached. The second common cause is a corruption of your outfits. If you delete an older head from your inventory it goes into your trash folder. If that head is part of various outfits, it will still attach even though it is in your trash folder, though you won’t necessarily be able to see it on your avatar, or even that is is still part of the outfit. This can sometimes be corrected by emptying your trash, but you will need to ensure that it is not currently attached for SL to be able to purge it from the trash folder.

If all else fails, you may need to temporarily wear a test avatar (Ctrl + Alt + Q to show Developer menu, then Developer → Avatar → Character Tests → Test Female) in order to be able to fully empty your trash folder.

The best practice when switching to a new head to avoid this problem:

  1. Back up your presets and/or animations as desired
  2. Detach your old head and HUD (and teeth if applicable).
  3. Delete your old head, HUD, and teeth
  4. Immediately empty the trash to ensure they won’t come back from the dead when wearing an outfit that uses them.
  5. Attach your new head and HUD