Bento Head Animation API

If you are developing a product and you would like to include some of LeLutka’s facial animations in your product, there are a few ways you can control the animations that are installed in the LeLutka head using chat commands on channel 7780.


  • play [animation name] — Plays an animation
  • stop [animation name] — Stops an animation (not necessary unless it is a looped animation)
  • list — Returns two animation lists on channel 7779 (added in 2.1, so make sure your head is up to date!)
    1. mood:[anim1],[anim2],[etc.] — a list of all mood animations
    2. expr:[expr1],[expr2],[etc.]  — a list of all expressionsNote: due to SL’s limit of 1024 characters per chat message, if the head contains too many animations (80+) to fit in this many characters, the list may wind up being incomplete. It is unclear how important this feature is at this stage, but if it turns out to be widely used, this will be revised to cut the list into multiple chat messages, most likely using “mood+” and “expr+” tags to add to the respective lists.

If you are planning to communicate with someone’s head, and the object starting the animation does not belong to the head owner (such as a couch that several people might sit on), then the command must start with the key of the owner of the head.

e.g. /7780 cab64911-5c77-416f-862e-30283ab88d25list

or if the item you are creating is a wearable item or gesture (so the owner of the item will be the same as the owner of the head), you can skip the uuid

e.g. /7780 list

Decoding Animation Names

LeLutka’s head animations use codes to indicate what sort of animation it is. The first tag indicates what major category the animation belongs to.

e.g. l.+.smile01

m (mood)

Mood animations are priority 1 animations which are usually very minor facial animations meant to be mixed in randomly with the head.

u (utility)

Utility animations are priority 2 animations which primarily control the eyelids, with the exception of the blink animation which is priority 3.

l (looped expression)

Looped expressions are priority 2 animations.  Note that if you start a looped expression, you must remember to stop it when you wish for it to stop! Looped expression started using these commands will not light up in the expressions browser on the user’s HUD, so the only way they will be able to stop it is using the “STOP EXPRESSION” button on the HUD. Looped expressions will be maintained by the head script until they are intentionally stopped using either the HUD or another chat command.

s (single play <unlooped> expression)

Single play expressions are priority 2 animations.

Expressions (l or s) have a secondary tag which indicates whether it is a positive (+), negative (-), or neutral (0) expression. For example a smile is a positive expression, while a frown is a negative expression.

Animations List

mood animations

  1. m.happy.clench
  2. m.happy.doubt
  3. m.happy.glance
  4. m.happy.relax
  5. m.happy.serene
  7. m.happy.smile2
  8. m.happy.smirk
  9. m.happy.soft
  10. m.happy.swallow
  12. m.neutral.balm
  13. m.neutral.brow_lift
  14. m.neutral.glance
  15. m.neutral.inhale
  16. m.neutral.loose_jaw
  17. m.neutral.mouth_shift
  18. m.neutral.movement
  19. m.neutral.purse
  20. m.neutral.scan ground
  21. m.neutral.squint
  22. m.neutral.swallow

utility animations

  1. u.blink
  2. u.closed
  3. u.partlip
  4. u.relaxed
  5. u.sleepy
  6. u.suspicious
  7. u.wide



  1. l.+.monalisa
  2. l.+.rockstar
  4. l.+.smile01
  5. l.+.smile02
  6. l.+.wink02
  7. l.-.disbelief
  8. l.-.dislike
  9. l.-.ego
  10. l.-.sad
  11. l.-.snarl
  12. l.0.betterthanyou
  13. l.0.ismellarat
  14. l.0.lipbite
  16. l.0.yell


  1. s.+.hubba
  2. s.+.mwah
  4. s.+.wink02
  5. s.-.ew
  6. s.0.eyeroll
  7. s.0.flutter

Note that there is no guarantee that the animation you wish to play will be in the version of the head being worn. The above list is from the released Simone head.