LeLutka Personal Library

║ LeLutka Personal Library Kit ║
This package contains two products.

“Libraries” are for saving layers in one handy location, giving you the option to save all your eye-shadows, or lipsticks with same tones, or same type for those that love to be just that organized. This also gives you the chance to save multiple looks, base skins by creator and so on.

The second product is the “Outfit Applier”, which will let you save a complete head look into an applier. Once you attach it, the outfit applier will auto detach and you will look fabulous. This is the perfect item for those that create outfits, that need to change instantly, such as models, roleplay situations and more.

LeLutka Heads Personal Library

The LeLutka Personal library works almost exactly the same as the save slots on your main HUD. It is important to note that you must wear your library before applying textures or tints to your head in order for the Library to be able to record it.

The libraries are modify, so you can rez it on the ground and name it before use. Example: 8 shades of Pink, (Store Name) Skins tone ? this gives you an instant visual when in your inventory.

1. Wear your Personal Library
2. Apply any texture from appliers, or using the essentials or personalize tab on your HUD
3. Click and hold for 1 second on the memory slot you would like to save to.
4. Choose a color from the pop-up color picker to help you remember what you saved in that slot.
5. When you would like to recall the save contents, just click the slot.

[Clear Presets button]
Clears all presets simultaneously to return to an empty HUD.
[Clear Cache button]
The cache is the library’s internal record of what you have applied to your head while wearing the library. If you wish to save only a limited set of parameters, (such as just a set of blend/shimmer slider values without any diffuse textures), you can first clear the cache, then apply only the adjustments you wish to save, then save your preset.

Important: When saving layers or complete looks in the all layers option, you must apply the layer/s while wearing the save slot, you cannot put together a look and then think ‘ oh i should save this ‘ it has to have experienced each click while worn, to know what information to store.

LeLutka Heads Outfit Applier

The Outfit applier is designed to save a single look into a quick-access object in your inventory. Once saved, all you have to do is wear the Outfit Applier, and it will apply to any layers you have saved to it. Once worn it will apply and detach in seconds, completing the look you desire.

Before you save to the applier, rez “LeLutka Heads Outfit Applier”  on the ground and re-name it, this way its a copy of the original. Take it back to your inventory and proceed.

1. Wear your Outfit Applier and click to the left of the USB stick where the words SAVE and CLEAR are written this will remove them making it ready to use.
2. Apply any textures to your head which you would like to save into the applier. (if you are already wearing something, you will need to re-apply it)
3. Click the Save button (the down arrow) on the Outfit Applier HUD.
4. Detach the outfit applier
5. Attach the applier at any time to recall everything recorded into it.

[Save] (top button)
Saves the textures recorded while the HUD was worn, and switches the HUD into instant-apply mode.
[Clear] (bottom button)
Clear will clear the cache, and delete any saved attributes.

Returns to the front of the HUD to allow the stored parameters to be edited or cleared. Note that you will have to click this button quickly if you are wearing the HUD, since it will auto-detach after 1.5 seconds when in the auto-apply mode.

If you want to clear the HUD and you are having trouble hitting the reconfigure button before it self-detaches, rez the HUD on the ground and you can click any buttons (front or back). Or you can just use a new copy of the hud.

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