LeLutka – Questionnaire

We are working on updates for our Bento heads. We have a lot of ideas – our own as well as suggestions that have been made in the past few months. So that we have a clearer understanding of the wants and needs of our customers new and old, we would like it if you would take the time to fill in this questionnaire. The questions are about the HUD as well as how the store is laid out and what is used most often by our customers. We have added a section at the bottom so you can add any suggestions, but please keep to suggestions of things you would like to see! It is not for customer service communication – for that please refer to JadenArt Resident’s profile for all contact information. While we love to do everything we can to make the best product possible, sometimes there are limitations to what can be achieved or what a particular approach for an update can be, we will keep all answers to this questionnaire for consideration over the course of the upcoming year.

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