Lelutka Simone 2.0 Release December 19th, 2016

Two Locations, a Gift and a Rebate!

With the implementation of Bento to Second Life, the team at LeLutka has been diligently working on Simone 2.0, and today is the day for all to have the opportunity to transition to bento together. For those that have a previous Simone Purchase, we have a rebate system in place (more information below).

To use a Bento item, you must have a bento viewer, either Second life proper, or Firestorm. If when trying on the demo of the head you experience strange behavior, you may not have the correct viewer.

.LeLutka-BENTO Mesh Head- In Store Monday 19th Dec.

Demos will be sent via the group, and will be available at the two locations where Simone 2.0 is available. The second location is temporary for the first few weeks of release, to make it easier on customers to rez. If you have low graphics, slower computer, the second location is better for you.

Release Products & Information :

Simone Bento 2.0 –

Bento Head INFO

Personal Library Package Add-on –

Personal Library information

Creators Kit Skins & Make Up available in store –

Skin Appliers Designer List

Special Gift item – You must be in the LeLutka group to be able to receive the gift of the stunning choker created for the promotion of Simone 2.0

Glam Affair – 4 New Skins available for purchase at both locations.

Rebate Information :

Rebate no longer available as of 19th March 2017

You must own a previous 1.6 Simone Head, and you will need to wear it while purchasing Simone 2.0. Once you have your older head on, you purchase from the vendor at full price 5000L and will be sent an instant rebate of 2500L which is the full cost of Simone 1.6. If you do not wear your previous Simone head, or if you do not own one, full price will be 5000L. Rebate only until March 19th 2017 as announced through release and reminder announcements.

Glam Affair –

Glam Affair has created 4 NEW skins for this release, that will also be available in the two locations, these are additional purchases. The Simone Bento 2.0 head comes with Simone default skins in Glam Affair tones.

If you have any queries about this product, please refer to the links above. If you still need assistance, please refer to the profile of JadenArt Resident for contact information.

We at Team Lelutka would like to wish you all a very Holidays and a Joyous New Year. We look forward to seeing you all in 2017.

Thora Charron
Jaden Art
Mel Vanbeeck