Lelutka/Celoe March 1st, 2013 Release

Introducing .erare a new line by the creators of Celoe and LeLutka. A fantasy inspired line, starting with the sirens of the sea.

As a special celebration gift to commemorate the .erare.project, we have created a special gift for all members of the LeLutka and Celoe group. Look for the red containers on the barge and wear your group to receive.


INWORLD STORE: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MAYFAIR/123/245/22

If you land at the Mayfair landing spot, please look for teleport boards for the direct teleport.

MARKETPLACE: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/65095

The .erare syrens. are 8 avatars, that from head to tail create an underwater illusion of mystery and something special. The .erare.syren. includes mostly mesh items. You must have a mesh capable viewer to be able to use/see this product.

The tail portion of this system is RIGGED mesh, so editing it is not possible, please try the demo available before purchase to ensure the fit you need.

All NON-RIGGED pieces are MODIFIABLE with re-sizer script included in the hair piece for easier adjustments.

The .erare.syren. includes:

.full mesh tail (each syren has its own color theme)
.full chest piece
.half chest piece (to allow wear with more well endowed avatars)
.dorsal fin
.hair (each .erare.syren. has its own color hair)
.body cover (tattoo layer)
.body cover shine (tattoo layer)
.multiple alpha layers (modifiable) and textures (full perm)
.kelp (optional flexi add ons for the tail)
.AO (includes animations for swim, stands and sits)
.tail angle HUD (enables the wearer to angle their tail at various degrees)

.syren.glory. – Often times spotted resting on the volcanic rocks sunbathing, she will wait for her prey to come to her. She enjoys sunny waters infested with volcanic activity while at night she is hiding in the shadows waiting to strike.

.syren.ghost. – Mysterious and elusive, she will easily disappear in the forest of kelp and hide in plain sight. Very pale and fragile looking, she will blend in the background and lure even the most cautious prey.

.syren.spire. – Creature of the night, mistress of the dark. Often times only the shimmer of moonlight bouncing off her tail would announce her presence. No one is safe in the darkness when she is on the prowl.

.syren.flora. – The sea witch, the lady of the lake. She inhabits northern seas, and can wander up the rivers, deep into the land. She can inhabit salt water, and lakes, and will easily vanish into her surroundings.

.syren.fury. – Beautiful as the sunset, and dangerous as fire. This exotic beast loves warm waters, and coral reefs. Despite her bright colors, she will hide well among colorful corals and tropical sea life. Her colors may be lovely, but her venom is deadly..

.syren.foam. – Creature of shallow waters, she will hide in the waves and rush through the foam swiftly, and silently. Beware of this treacherous beast in misty mornings, because it is her time to hunt.

.syren.mercy.- Enchanting, graceful, and extremely deadly. Intoxicating and luscious, seemingly harmless she is a temptress, and a master in the art of seduction. With one swift glance her prey is hypnotized, and with that it is doomed.

.syren.pretence. – The Queen of the open seas, not even the great white shark can rival the ferocious nature of this marvelous creature. Agile and resourceful, rare are the ones who lived to tell the story of this marvelous killer.
Thank you
Lelutka/Celoe Team