Hair Fair 2011!

It is that time of year again , when we create hair for Hair Fair. Lelutka has created 5 brand new styles that will only be available for the first two weeks at this event, after that they will be available at the MainStore.
During this two weeks of Hair Fair 2011 LeLutka will be donating a percentage of its price to Wigs for Kids.

Hair Fair 2011-see You soon!

Included with this release are the NEW Lelutka hair base tatoo layers. They come in all of the Lelutka hair colours, and are modify. These bases are only included in the packs sold at Hair Fair, in future they will only be available separately at the Main Store, so take advantage of this offer now.

Angela is a loose pigtails style with side swept bangs. The girl next door look that is definitely adorable.

Loose is a wavy mid length style with a very charming tucked behind one ear look. Make sure you make the most of this coquettish look.

Nicole will have you wanting to strut your stuff, and dance like you have never danced before. This braided style is weaved with frayed cloth in red, white and blue, looking great with both casual and dressier looks.

Shoop is an incredible retro inspired style, with a leathered finish scalloped headband. The colours of the band reflect all the upcoming colours of summer. The back combed look is sexy and alluring.

Knotted is a Grecian inspired updo, perfect for formal affairs, and luxurious nights spent dancing and romancing. Add your favorite accessories and you will definitely shine.

Traditionaly Hair Fair is full of goody bags, and this year LeLutka has a fabulously fluffy do called Pinned, side parted and definitely playful, the full pack will only cost you 1L do not miss out.

You will find all of these styles at LeLutka @ Hair Fair Independence Sim


LeLutka – Summer Release pt 2. June 17th, 2011

LeLutkas Summer 2011 collection is not over yet, with the smaller release of three dresses and one belt style today. The dresses are a mix of cocktail frock and formal elegance, catering to those summer parties and events sure to come up in the coming months ahead.


Anna is a midlength boho style dress, gathered and pulled up through the ring belt that comes with. The style can be worn loose fit, or skin tight, depending on your mood. The tribal print is in keeping with the Summer 2011 collection. The Anna belt can also be purchased seperately in three colours.

The Minnu dress is a ruffled one shoulder style dress, with a fuller skirt in a flirty length that is pulled in at the waist with a knotted thin leather belt. Great for casual parties and date night. The Minnu dresses have a subtle geometric print.

Lastly we have Style, a full length formal affair. This gown has an incredibly elegant silhouette, and a pucci-esque inspired print in four different colours. The belted waist is a series of largely linked pieces that can also be worn seperately.

Due to the sculpted form that these designs take on, we have included alpha layers to help with a closer fit, you will need to be using a viewer that does provide alpha layers use. We have also included the textures needed to combine layers of alpha if your layers are limited. Please be sure to make a copy of the originals first.

All of these are now available at the LeLutka Mainstore.
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LeLutka – Summer Release June 11th, 2011

Whether cruising along the nile, on an African safari. Or simply promenading along the coast of your favourite seaside location, the new clothing release by LeLutka will have you more than covered. This collection is an array  of seperates that can be mixed and matched to your hearts content. Many of the items are sculpted in full, so alpha layers have been provided to make the fit easier for you.

You will need to be using a viewer that has alpha layer options, and we have also provided the alpha maps for each item so that you can modify and combine your outfits using only one layer option. Please be sure to make a copy of the original alpha layer first.


Blow Shirt (Sculpted): A drape style tank top, fully sculpted with alpha layers for ease of wear. Available in four colours.

Caprica Jeans (Sculpted parts): Two lengths, 3/4 style and flared or rolled cuffs in the full length. They come in two different denim colours.

Cute Top (Sculpted parts): A boho maxi style top with bold prints and vivid colours, six in total. Short flared sleeves and V-neck in style.

Flow Cardigan (Sculpted): This cardigan comes with rolled up or long sleeve options, flaring out into a cascading frilled length that you will want to wear with EVERYTHING. Available in four colours.

Hello Shirt (Sculpted parts): For the animal print enthusiasts this zebra print top is beautiful, plunging neckline, rolled and long sleeves, and a waistline that gathers at the hips. Available in three colours.

Jump Suit (Sculpted) : A modern take on the safari suit, short shorts and a stunning waist cinching leather belt. This set comes in 5 colours and has alpha layers for easier fit. Resizing and editable options also available.

My Way Jacket (Sculpted) : This suede leather jacket comes in three colours and is a cropped retro style with scrunched sleeves.

Requiem Shirt (Sculpted parts) : Same bold prints and colours as the cute shirt, this variation has long sleeves and a high neckline.

Safari Pants (Sculpted)  : Pants being an exageration when it comes to these Cinch waisted shorts, with a thick leather belt and stunning detail pleating. They come in four colours and have alpha layers for ease of wear.

Sailor Skirt (Sculpted) : This button down fronted skirt will be a hit this summer. Three colours available for the nautical fans out there.

Serious Shirt (Sculpted parts) : A button down shirt with rolled cuffed sleeves, comes in four colours and is simple and elegant in style.

Simple Top (Sculpted parts) : Tribal print tank with gathered waist, comes in three colours and if you look close enough you can see what sees you.

SoHo shorts (Sculpted) : Shorty Shorts, or shorts for your shorty, these are sexy low waisted leather shorts with a safari theme. Available in four colours with different sizes and alphas to make them easier to fit.

Triumph Skirt (Sculpted) : Tiered stitched suede leather skirt, comes in three colours with alpha layer for easier fit.

YoHo Shorts (Sculpted) : Denim version of the SoHo shorts. Alpha layers available as well as editable and resizer options

Safari Hat ( Sculpted) : Better known as a pith helmet this hat is true to its Safari style origins, fits neatly over straight or tied back hair.

Also with the Summer 2011 LeLutka collection we have added four stunning bags. Accessories really play a big part in this collection, and these bags combine natural fabrics, leather and bold prints.
Mompox Bag
GuaJira Bag
Tairona Bag
Maicao Bag

They are on display in the Summer Collection Area at the double stumps.

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