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Todays release is the last in the Aere line. It is also the last sister skin in the series, so far you have had Kit and then Gem, this is the introduction of Tiana!

Tiana is the one with all of the attitude, and with the Vanity Skin Fair starting today, we are releasing the first pack at the event – other packs to be released at mainstore at a later date.
Tiana comes in both dark and light brows, hairbases supplied on the tattoo layer, cleavage on both tattoo and clothing layers for convenience.
Tiana also includes eyebag tattoos, the wonderful and so easy to modify to your shape 2011 Curl Lashes – fully sculpted with texture change colour options – and the first four make ups including a base make up.


Tiana is a much poutier skin, and you will no doubt see the attitude she was created to portray when trying on the DEMOS provided at the skins location.
The Aere series now comes to a finish with Tiana, so stay tuned in coming months for the next line of skins from LeLutka.

Please remember that for the first week at least Tiana will ONLY be available at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair.

LeLutka – New Release February 11th , 2011

This release has been long anticipated. Gem has been teased about for many weeks now, finally her debut is here. Packaged slightly different than before we have Gem in smaller more affordable packs for those looking for a base and a smaller set of make ups.
Gem comes in two sets of four make ups and a base skin all with light or dark brow options. Also included in the package blonde and dark hairbases on the tattoo layers, cleavage option on tattoo and clothing layer, eyebrow shape and eye bags on a tattoo layer, to add some character to your skin.
Also included are the beautiful curl lashes, fully sculpted with no alpha, and a texture change menu for recolouring.
Skin Pack One includes Base + Make Ups 1 – 4 in dark and blonde brow types.
Skin Pack Two includes Base + Make Ups 5 – 8 in dark and blonde brow types.


The DEMOS show all available make ups from the packs, so that you can be sure to pick the pack you like the most.

Also with the Gem release are Gem Lipstick tattoos you can purchase seperately, which means you end up with over 50 different combinations of skins on one pack alone. Gem Eyeliner pack of four intense liquid liners is also available adding even more to your combinations – the liner will actually fit all of the LeLutka skins in all tones.

All of these affordable extras will just keep enhancing your Gem experience, letting you combine looks that can go up to the hundreds. To layer tattoos you must have a V2 compatible viewer , but even if one tattoo layer is all you can manage, you still have the individual options, that will broaden the Gem range.

Lastly for the time being, there are the Gem and Feather lashes and face accents, created for over the top looks, suitable for modeling, catwalk/runway work or just to enhance your Second Life. These lashes and adornments for the face are available in single packs so that you can choose the best look for you. Feathers or Gemstones, or both, they are an incredible touch of fashion for your face, and each set is scripted to colour change to a wonderful preset range of colours.

There is a new build for the skin department to make your visit easier and more enjoyable, we hope you like it.

LeLutka™ Team

LeLutka – New Release January 26th, 2011

Kit comes with a brunette brow, has 8 skins in the pack – not sold as singles – one of which is a base clean and fresh make up free look. Cleavage options on both tattoo layer and undershirt just in case, and a brow shape that is custom made to get the most out of Kits features. Kit also comes with hair base.
The Kit skin comes in 5 tones, Pearl, Hush, Golden, Walnut and Raizin… each tone has its own set of make ups, so be sure to find the best combination for you. Demos are available in the store, no refunds can be given as items are NO Transfer.

Also a first with Kit are the new LeLutka 2011 lashes, sculpted prims no alpha, easily fitted and able to be texture changed into 6 colours. The lashes are also modify so you can also tint the white option, for even more fun and fabulous colours. Now those of you addicted to lashes, do not despair, there are also three versions available for purchase seperately, Lashes long, Lashes Curl and Lashes Natural, just follow the instructions provided if not familiar with editing prims.

Also released today are the latest Ellis eyes from LeLutka, beautiful reflection eyes that come in two sizes, small and medium for a better fit to your shape. The colours range from light to dark, there should be a colour that suits you.

Kit promo-out soon

LeLutka™ Team

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