LeLutka New Release – June 5th, 2010 (FEMME Apparel)

As the temperatures continue to raise here at LeLutka so does the need for more items to keep us cool and beautiful this season. Today we bring you more tops, shorts, and jeans, a must have for every season, and we have plenty to choose from this summer.

As Yves Saint Laurent once said – “I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, and simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.” And we hope you find everything he hoped for in his clothes in today’s release.

Summer 2010 Prt 3

Aradia Dielli
LeLutka™ Team

LeLutka New Release – May 28th, 2010 (FEMME Apparel)

Our second part of the summer 2010 release is here and this week we bring you more fun colors and prints for you to enjoy. Wether you are looking for some fun shorts for a day at the beach, or a cute top to visit one of your favorite clubs, we have thought of it all. Let the summer fun continue with LeLutka

Summer 2010 Prt 2

Aradia Dielli
LeLutka™ Team

LeLutka New Release – May 22nd, 2010 (FEMME Apparel)

Summer has arrived at LeLutka and so has our new collection, this is the first of many releases to come this season. This summer collection is all about women with class, style, and beauty. We believe we have captured both beautifully, and perfectly what the modern woman of today should look like. Wrap your body in an array of colors, and soft fabrics, go out and enjoy a beautiful afternoon in one of our new items.

The wait is over, but the best is yet to come…

Aradia Dielli
LeLutka™ Team

LeLutka New Release – May 12th, 2010 (Female Skins)

Whatever LoLa wants… I think I will just spare you the lyrics to the song that all bloggers have been singing for a couple of weeks and let you in on a secret, today, it is not about what LoLa wants, but about what you want. The much anticipated LoLa skin has finally arrived to LeLutka, and she is making her presence known with her bubbly, and yet innocent look and attitude.

LoLa is our first skin to come packed with options available for Second Life’s 2.0 viewer. So, if you have yet to make the transition, now it is the time to do so as you will be missing out on tons of goodies provided with each skin, if you are not using the new viewer.

The pretty LoLa comes in 5 skin tones
– Pale
– Light
– Sunkissed
– Suntan
– Dark

Each tone has a total of 7 makeup’s plus a base, except for the light tone (Minnu’s favorite) which comes with 1 extra makeup, making that a total of 41 eye makeup options, and once you start mixing with the lipstick tattoos, the possibilities will be endless.

Here is what comes with each pack.
– Skin with and without Dark & Blond hair base
– Skin with Dark and Light brows
– 11 SL 2.0 Compatible lipstick options
– 2 Hair attachment options in Dark and Blond
– 1 Pair of lashes
– Our “Cleavage Volumizer”
– Pubic hair layers

Single pack price for the Pale, Light, Sunkissed and Suntan tones, L$1150
Single pack price for the Dark tone L$1050 (Does not come with the blond options)

Fat pack price for the Pale, Light, Sunkissed and Suntan tones, L$5250
Fat pack price for the Dark tone L$5000 (Does not come with the blond options)

*Please note that we have created a new packaging system for our skins, just wear or rez your package, click on it and the box will magically open and shower you with pretty skins for you to enjoy.

LeLutka™ Team

LeLutka™ – March 6th 2010 Release.

LeLutka has always aimed to please its customers, and after many requests for a darker tone for the IFE face, we have decided to make those wishes come true. Today we release 7 makeups + a base in the Dark tone, with and without a hair base.

The volumizer option is also available for this new tone.

Earrings and Necklace by alaMood

Aradia Dielli
LeLutka™ Team