LeLutka Bento Head Update 2.7

LeLutka Bento heads have just been updated to 2.7. If wearing an older head, the update will be sent to you instantly if you re-wear the head, or it will come to you as an update delivery in time.

LeLutka Bento Heads Update 2.7

With the update we have some great new features. The first is that we now have our own eyes included with the package. They are their own attachment, so you can still wear your own if preferred. The eyes come in 6 colors with the option to change together, left or right. The eyes are omega compatible, and we have updated our creators kit to include the necessary UVs needed for designers.

We have also included braces and gemstones attachments from our Human Teeth package into the main head release. As each head is different, we have updated the heads to have their own fit, and the Human Teeth product is now the HUD that controls the options of various looks. You cannot change their colours or looks without the Human Teeth HUD purchase. We did include a base texture in silver for braces and diamond in the gems, so you can have some fun to start with.

We recently released some additional animations packs that you can find in the mainstore, if you have not already tried them, there are demos available.

We have further updated our Designer kits to now include local texture options and all makeup, tattoo, eyes and hairbase layers. We have also updated the scripts to allow for all the changes, so make sure you update yours if you are a creator, older HUDs will continue to work as they should.

Demos for all LeLutka products are available in the store, please try before purchase as items are no transfer and non-refundable. For gifting options you can right click our vendors, choose the menu option and then follow the prompts provided in the dropdown menu.

For any LeLutka related inquiries please contact JadenArt Resident. You can also visit our website for further LeLutka information



We are very pleased to be part of this years Skin Fair. We hope that you will join us at this wonderful event, and see the latest items that LeLutka has to offer. Our booth is centrally located, and demos are available for all items, including our new Animations huds. We have also included a GIFT on site.


Lelutka Animation sets @ SKIN FAIR


Cate is our Exclusive event item, she will be available in the store after skin fair closes, but for the time it runs, Cate will only be available there. Cate is our latest Bento Beautiful offering, she has a very striking look, and with the help of your shape specifications you can create your own Cate look. We have also included a Cate Shape, so that you can use that as a starting point if needed. You must have a bento enabled viewer to see the heads in our range.

***REMINDER*** Simone head rebate offer will expire March 19th, so if you had purchased a previously released Simone static head, the upgrade to the Simone Bento head will refund you 2500 after the initial purchase. This offer has been running since its release, but will no longer be available after the 19th of March.

Simone and Chloe heads will also be available in our Skin Fair booth.

New Animation sets are in the Skin Fair booth, 5 mini sets, which you can use as stand alone HUDs, put animations in your pose-stands, or use the included injectors to apply them to your current head HUD animations tab. Please make a backup of your head prior to using. As mentioned there is also a GIFT pack available. The demos for animations will only work on the Skin Fair premises, they will auto delete once you leave, you must give permission to animate your avatar when requested.

IMPORTANT! when giving permissions to anything, please read carefully the prompt and be sure it is asking from someone you want to give permission to. In the case of our HUDs the person will be Thora Charron.

Skin and Makeup appliers kits are also located in our booth, so for those wishing to create LeLutka appliers you can grab one of those, also if you feel like you just want to try your hand at it, they are free and include all that is needed to create your own appliers.

For anything regarding LeLutka products or management, please refer to JadenArts profile for contact information.


Thank you.


Lelutka Bento Head CHLOE

Introducing Chloe, who is our latest arrival in the LeLutak mainstore, and she is Bento Beautiful. If you have not been to LeLutka since the release of Simone 2.0 then there have been many changes to the store and the system in place. If you do not have a LeLutka Bento head then these changes on both Simone 2.0 and available in Chloe, may be the options you have been looking for.

Lelutka Bento Head Chloe -Out Now!

We recently added Rerouting, which means that when activated on the Head HUD you can select between available sections where you wish that applier to apply…regardless of if the applier is for a specific layer, you now hold in your well manicured fingertips the ability to override it. Some limitations may apply depending on where on the uv the layer sits, but it will be fun trying your own combinations and expanding your range of looks.

A tattoo layer got added to a previous update, so you now have a tattoo layer over your make up layers, increasing your options, so that mixed with Rerouting is just a styling win.

We have alphabetised our expressions, so that your eyeroll is close enough to your ew to get the point across.

Chloe has her own unique skin by Glam Affair, that is included in the Head Hud with brown brows in the usual tones…you can purchase the proper Chloe skin release in the Glam Affair section of the LeLutka Mainstore. Previous head HUDs will still apply skins to the newer heads if there is a skin you like from a previous release you already own.

Full demos are available in the store, so please make sure to try before purchase, as LeLutka items are No Transfer and refunds are not available except for double purchases of the same product for the same avatar.

If you have any queries about Chloe or other LeLutka products, please read the information in the profile of JadenArt Resident. For more Bento Beautiful product information please refer to our website

Lelutka Update News!!!


We just wanted to share with you our latest Update specifications for our Simone Bento head.

GENERAL Update Info:

Head/HUD will now detect when a user has accidentally attached several heads or HUDs together
– The head copes with this situation better, but it can not force older heads/HUDs to detach, so additional user troubleshooting is required.
– The head will notify you if you have on more than one head or more than one HUD, and provide a link with info on how to fix it.
– Fixing this situation is not always as simple as it seems, since it involves an outfits bug

HEAD Update Info:

– Support for new Omega layer tags.
– Happy mood base animation fully controls the tongue.
– Tattoo layer now fully covers lips.
– Lipstick layer now fully covers lower face.

Lelutka-Teeth Advanced-UPDATED

TEETH Update Info:

Teeth have been upgraded with a new, more detailed texture to compliment our upcoming animations release, details of which will be announced soon.

Our Advanced Teeth were updated accordingly with some additional features added to the “Beast” version.

Beast Teeth HUD has been split into 2. One that contains all the teeth options provided previously but with two extra mouth tones to better match darker skintones. One extra blood option has been added to fill the void between a little blood option and a bloody massacre we previously included.

Second HUD included in the Beast pack is a classic applier for LeLutka Bento head which has all the Lipstick and Blood options split into two groups, applied on either lipstick or tattoo layer.

*Teeth are not covered by our Automatic Update System so if you wish them replaced with the latest version, simply drop by our inworld store and get them redelivered via our REDELIVERY TERMINAL.


For detailed Info regarding all LeLutka Updates please visit:

Bento Head Update Info


All purchases in the main store will be available for redelivery using the in-store redelivery.
Thank you
LeLutka Team

New Store Announcement / Mesh Bento Teeth & Lashes Appliers Release

Today we open the doors to the NEW LeLutka Mainstore build. We are looking forward to many additions to our range in 2017, and wanted the space to reflect that. You will find Hair to the left of the main entrance, with older styles in an upstairs area, which you can access via TP board or staircase.

Older heads are still available for purchase, but with Bento now available, we will not be updating previous heads, or adding new features to them. New Bento heads, and additional animation packs will be available as they are released. Heads and Head accessories are to the right of the main entrance.

Skin ranges by Glam Affair and the Maitreya body are also available for purchase in the store.
With the opening of the New Mainstore, we are releasing three NEW add on products.

Human Teeth – Brace yourself for these little gems, because your pearlies are too much fun…information and Demos available in store.
Beast Teeth – From the classic to the horrifying, you will find your combination with the easy to use HUD. Information and Demos available in store.

Lelutka-Teeth Advanced-OUT NOW!

Eyelash Appliers (LeLutka BENTO HEADS ONLY) – 8 separate applier packages available. Each HUD includes 6 lash options (tintable via LeLutka Head HUD).

.LeLutka-Lashes-OUT NOW!!!

Creator kits are available free in the store, for those wishing to make Skin or Makeup appliers. For personal use, please use the options available in your head HUDS.